Hate Crime Awareness Week – 14 – 20 October 2017

Next week (14-20 Oct) is National Hate Crime awareness Week .

Hate Incidents and crimes are instances of targeted victimisation or harm directed towards people because of who they are, an aspect of their identity (Disability / Race / Religion or Belief / Sexual Orientation / Trans Identity / Age / Gender etc).

There will be a police engagement vehicle and an information stand set up at the following locations in Tewkesbury Borough during the awareness week to make the public more aware of what Hate Crime is and how we can tackle it

• Tewkesbury Borough Council Reception 10am – 4pm on Monday 16 Oct 2017
• Bishops Cleeve Tesco Store 10am – 4pm on Thursday 19 Oct 2017

Hate Incidents can either be reported directly to the police or through Victim Support (anonymously if preferred) on 00800 077 8460, or online http://gloshate.co.uk/. Reporting helps prevent similar harm to others; incidents escalating to crimes; enables us to gather information about an otherwise invisible problem, Provides evidence that can be used to develop prevention strategies and opens up options for accessing support and help if needed.

Pineholt Village Hall

Thank you to those that came to our open day on Saturday, lots of people came to view the new and improved facilities and a number of new bookings were taken.

We still have some evening availability and day time slots. If you are looking for a new venue for your class or somewhere to hold a birthday party please get in touch on 01452 612485.


The Pineholt Village Hall will be open so that parishioners can see the work that has been done to improve the facilities over the last few months. More than £100,000 has been spent extending and upgrading the building.

Everyone is welcome to come along, especially representatives of clubs/societies that are looking for a new venue to run their events/meetings. We have evening and daytime availability.

Light refreshments will be provided.


This Saturday, 30th September (between 2 and 4p.m.) Pineholt Village Hall will be open so that we can show parishioners the work that has been done to improve the facilities. More than £100,000 has been spent extending and upgrading the building.

Everyone is welcome to come along, especially representatives of clubs/societies that are looking for a new venue to run their events/meetings. If you wish to attend please call the parish clerk on 01452 612485. Light refreshments will be provided.



After four months of construction activity and an investment of over a £100,000 at Hucclecote Parish Council’s Pineholt Village Hall, the work has now been completed.

The building work has involved the creation of an additional community space that is now available to local residents, clubs and societies, the creation of a new Community Information Hub, the installation of improved toilet and kitchen facilities and the building of a large store room where regular hirers can now lock away their equipment.

Automatic doors and level entrances have also been installed making the building fully accessible, and an enlarged children’s play area has been created alongside the building. Additional office space has also been created for the parish clerk and her assistant.

We would like to invite you to our official re-opening on Saturday 30 September between 14.00 and 16.00, when parishioners and local clubs and societies can inspect the much-improved facilities. Please RSVP to Sarah Moore, 01452 612485 or email hucclecotepc@supanet.com by 25th September 2017.


Village Hall improvements

Work on upgrading Pineholt Village Hall is now nearly finished; and it’s looking rather good. If you know of any clubs or societies that are looking for a venue for anything from dance and fitness classes, to nursery groups, training sessions and family celebrations/parties get in touch with our parish clerk. The main hall is 10m x 7m; there’s a NEW smaller community space (about 6m x 3m) and an upstairs space arranged as a boardroom with seating for 12. We also have a massive new store room for regular users who need somewhere to store their equipment. With level entrances, decent kitchen facilities and masses of free parking (and very moderate hire charges) it could be ideal for your event.

We currently have room availability on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings and various other day time slots. Further details of the rooms available are on the village hall page or call the office (07716 122319) for details.


We have been in touch with Fastershire and its team has helped us to get a clearer idea about the ‘problem’ and it has helped us to identify a couple of potential solutions.

The problem

There appear to be just over 700 new properties on Coopers Edge (along and to the north of Lobleys Drive) which are currently showing on BT’s Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) database. Of these 97 can already access a superfast broadband service (this doesn’t necessarily mean they are getting superfast; it just means they can order a service if they want it).

However, there are also more than 450 homes that are served by BT superfast cabinets that are on an upgrade ‘waiting list’. This means they are connected to a fibre but the capacity of that cabinet to serve more premises needs to be improved. The complexity of these improvements will vary by cabinet, but an upgrade will be required before the residents it serves can get a superfast service. This may be the reason that ISPs are telling residents that superfast is ‘not available’, rather than that it will be available by a specified date.

The biggest problem seems to be those homes served by Cabinet 42, which hasn’t been fibre-enabled. The data suggests there are 134 homes that are connected to this one – some (but not all) of the properties in Arlington Road, Burroughs Close, Hazel Way, Lancaster Road, Juniper Way, Robinswood Close, Roselle Drive, Stearman Road, Sycamore, Walk Yew Tree Road and Walnut Close seem to be the main ones affected. Coopers Edge School is also linked to Cabinet 42.

In an ideal world the housebuilders responsible for the new homes would have been liaising in the early planning stages with BT and Virgin’s New Sites Teams. This might then have ensured that advance broadband capacity was facilitated as the homes were being built. It appears this didn’t happen.

The solutions?

Demand is key to the delivery of a decent broadband service – if there’s lots of it, BT will upgrade its cabinets (as it will ultimately get a fee every month for each connection it facilitates). BT is also required to meet specified service levels – if it doesn’t meet these quality standards it gets its knuckles rapped by the Government.

There appear to be two tactics that can be employed to sort the problem – one for the 450 homes that are currently on BT’s ‘waiting list’; and one for those that are currently linked to Cabinet 42.

If you are one of the 450 properties waiting for superfast broadband from a cabinet that has already been fibre-enabled you (in theory) shouldn’t have to wait for more than one or two months. If it is taking longer than this it suggests that BT/Openreach has been dragging its heels. It ought to be fairly simple for BT to upgrade a fibre-enabled cabinet (it can add in extra hardware, or tack a smaller cabinet on alongside), and it shouldn’t, in theory, take BT long to do this.

It is therefore vital to know how long you have been ‘waiting’. If you have been in limbo for more than two months please email us with your name, address, how long you have been ‘waiting’ and who you have been in contact with. We will then collate these responses and submit a formal complaint to BT’s High Level Complaints Team.

Send your details to this email – hucclecotepc@supanet.com

If you are linked to Cabinet 42 (the one that hasn’t been fibre-enabled yet) it may be possible to enable it by working with BT’s Community Fibre Partnership Team. The parish council has recently enquired with this Team, asking it to detail what it would cost to upgrade the cabinet and what top-up might be required to make it viable.

Once we know the cost there are a number of options open to us. For example, because the school is linked to cabinet 42 this may automatically trigger a pot of funding towards the cost. And, if the upgrade cost is fairly modest, there may be other grants or sources of finance that we could also explore.

Electoral Review of Tewkesbury: Draft Recommendations

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for Tewkesbury Borough Council. Today is the start of a nine-week public consultation on the Commission’s draft recommendations on new ward boundaries across Tewkesbury.

The consultation closes on 4 September 2017.

View the draft recommendations

You can view the Commission’s draft recommendations at www.lgbce.org.uk where you can find interactive maps, a report and guidance on how to have your say. The Commission has not finalised its conclusions and now invites representations on the draft recommendations.
An interactive map of the Commission’s recommendations for Tewkesbury, electorate figures and guidance on how to propose new wards is available on the consultation area at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk. Further information about the review and the Commission’s work is also published on our website at www.lgbce.org.uk.

Have your say

We encourage everyone who has a view on the draft recommendations to contact us whether you support them or whether you wish to propose alternative arrangements.
Before finalising the recommendations, the Commission will consider every representation received during consultation whether an individual, a local group or an organisation submit it. We will weigh each submission against the criteria the Commission must follow when drawing up electoral arrangements:
• To deliver electoral equality where each borough councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the borough.
• That the pattern of wards should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities.
• That the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.
It is important that you take account of the criteria if you are suggesting an alternative pattern of wards. You can find additional guidance and information about previous electoral reviews on our website to help you or your organisation make a submission.

Get in touch

The Commission welcomes comments on the recommendations report by 4 September 2017. Representations should be made:
• Through our interactive consultation portal where you can explore the maps of the recommendations, draw your own boundaries and supply comments at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk.

• By email to: reviews@lgbce.org.uk.

• Or in writing to:
Review Officer (Tewkesbury)
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
14th Floor
Millbank Tower

The Commission aims to publish every response it receives during phases of consultation. If you do not want all or any part of your response or name to be made public, you must state this clearly in the response. Any such request should explain why confidentiality is necessary. All responses may be subject to publication or disclosure as required by law (in particular under the Freedom of Information Act 2000).
This is the last opportunity to influence the Commission’s recommendations before they are finalised. We therefore encourage local people to get in touch with us and have their say.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Rebecca Smith
Review Assistant
0330 500 1525

Cleaner required for Pineholt Village Hall

The parish council is looking for a reliable cleaner for the Pineholt Village Hall once the building work is completed in September – we anticipate we will need someone for three mornings per week (7 – 8.30 a.m.)for general cleaning duties. If you are interested please call the parish clerk on 07716 122319 or email hucclecotepc@supanet.com

Closing date for applications is 25th August 2017

Campaign to try to get a decent broadband service across Coopers Edge

The parish council is aware that several streets on the Coopers Edge site have a poor broadband speed (less than 30 MBps). So we want to put pressure on Fastershire to include these streets in its plans to bring a super high speed fibre optic service to the majority of homes in the county.

To do this we need to have a clear information about how many homes currently have a poor connection. If your broadband service is less than 30MBps please do the following: –

· Go to Hucclecote Parish Council’s Facebook page and add your name, house number, and street name.
· If you know for a FACT that your neighbours have a similar poor service please identify/list all the homes affected (and tell your neighbours not to bother to add their information, as we don’t want to have duplicate listings)
· The more we get the better chance we have of getting Fastershire to do something – so tell you friends and neighbours and share this across any other social media that might help. And if you know of any lists/petitions or whatever that may already be circulating please take a photo of the list and post this to us via Facebook too.
· We need this information by close of play on 16 July.


The Parish will then write to the chief executive of Fastershire urging them to include all the homes on our list in its programme of works.

We may also ask everyone to send their own letters to them too (we’ll provide a sample that you can adapt) . If Fastershire’s post box is awash with letters from disgruntled residents it will add extra pressure.