There are a number of issues that are currently particularly ‘active’ within the parish. These include:

M5 Noise

We have one of the noisiest sections of motorway anywhere in the UK. The main problem is that the local M5 road surface is in a bad condition, and the rougher the road surface, the higher the noise levels that are emitted. We have been lobbying about this issue for many years, and this pressure has finally borne fruit with a commitment from Highways England to bring forward the planned resurfacing of the M5. Work should begin in the spring of 2017 and the new road surface should reduce noise levels significantly.

Our councillors are also pressing Highways England to see if improved sound barriers can be installed along the embankment in Sussex Gardens and Belmont Avenue.

The map below shows the areas that will be resurfaced in 2017.


Perrybrook Development

Plans have recently been approved for a major 1,500 home ‘urban extension’ to Brockworth, in the Green Belt alongside the A417. Although the £300+m development is outside our parish boundary the project will have a significant wider impact – generating more traffic, and adding pressure on existing educational, public transport, leisure and healthcare facilities. The scheme may also generate some flooding issues.

We are closely monitoring the detailed plans and liaising with Tewkesbury’s planners, Brockworth parish council and the developer to ensure Hucclecote is not adversely affected. The whole project will take about ten years to build, and includes 600 affordable homes, a care home for 175 elderly people, offices, shops and a new community health hub.


New 'super surgery' for Hucclecote/Brockworth

The present surgery buildings in both Hucclecote and Brockworth are too small and are in a poor condition, and the population of the area is growing rapidly, so both surgeries are now effectively ‘over subscribed’. The local NHS team is therefore progressing plans for a new, much-bigger and much better-equipped combined surgery that will probably be built on the Perrybrook site (relatively close to the traffic lights at the junction of  Hucclecote Road and Valiant Way). We are liaising with the NHS team, and are pressing it to locate the new facility somewhere central and convenient for as many people as possible.

The new facility is unlikely to be operational before 2020, but £4.75m has been ear-marked to pay for it, and the new ‘community health hub’ is likely to contain the following:-

  • Much more spacious surgery facilities for both practices, with the potential to accommodate additional new GP’s.
  • Complementary accommodation for local social care support teams.
  • There could also be a minor operations surgery, a Well Being team and other health/fitness related services like a foot care clinic or acupuncturist.
  • Good on-site car parking provision, and close links to footpaths, cycleways and public transport.

Improvement and extensions to Pineholt Village Hall

Due to the parish’s growing population there is an ever increasing demand to use the village hall. The current building is now no longer able to cope so we are in the process of organising some significant remodelling of the current building, and we will be constructing two new extensions. The work will also provide level, disabled-friendly access to the hall.

We have already secured significant grant monies and the parish council has been accruing funds to part finance the work itself. If all goes to plan the building work will commence in the spring of 2017, and the new facility will be completed about four months later.


Residential parking problems associated with workers from the Business Park

As the Gloucester Business park has expanded, so has the number of people working there, and, at present, there aren’t enough on-site parking spaces to cope. Consequently a growing number of people have been parking on the local residential streets.

In 2015 we managed to get some new parking restrictions agreed, and double yellow lines were painted along several of the local residential streets that have been most affected. Unfortunately some of the lines are not perfectly located, so we are currently looking at how the markings can be ‘fine tuned’.

We have also had problems with employees taking short cuts, through hedges and over fences, from the residential area into the business park. This is an on-going challenge that requires regular liaison with the park management team to reduce/minimise the problem.

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