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  • Mrs Sue Bull

    I would like to request that yellow parking lines be put on the road outside my house. As we don’t have pavements in my part of the road, the road narrowed and with open plan gardens, the traffic is driving on my garden and I have had to put some quarry stones on the edge. People are still parking on the narrow part of the road and hence when trying to drive past, they are going on to the grass and churning it up. I live in Stocken Close and when they put the yellow lines down, for some reason they didn’t put them on the narrow part of the road . I like to keep my garden tidy with a few flowers but I’m not happy when cars are having to drive over the edge of my garden. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Council Administrator

      Gloucestershire Highways developed the parking restriction scheme and some areas were left unmarked to allow for resident parking; a full consultation was undertaken at the time.
      We understand why you are unhappy with vehicles driving over your property and this should not be happening, however Gloucestershire Highways are unable to make any changes now as it would involve a further Traffic Regulation Order.
      Hopefully the measures you have taken will prevent any further damage.

  • Rob Gregory

    Pleased to hear of the road resurfacing on the M5 designed to reduce noise levels.
    Will the slip road at Junction 11a (Southbound) also be included?
    The previous project some years ago actually ignored residents of Sussex Gardens with the freshly laid surface beginning at, approximately, the bridge over the Hucclecote Road bringing this small estate no relief whatsoever!!

    • Council Administrator

      No, the slip roads are not included in the resurfacing scheme.
      We have been told the new low noise surface will significantly reduce the noise pollution, the scheme should be completed by the end of the month.

  • Joe Rigelsford

    Is there a possibility to increase traffic warden patrols along Hillview Road in Hucclecote. At evening rush hour the sheer number of people parking/stopping on double yellow makes travelling up this road increasingly chaotic.

  • Sarah Rawcliffe

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned about the cars that are being parked, during office hours, along Ashbrittle Road. The owners of the cars are walking across the private field towards the business park. On returning home late afternoon the number of cars parked along the road are preventing me and other home owners from parking outside our own properties. This problem has seemed to have escalated since the opening of a large office block. If anyone reading this has a solution to the problem, please leave a reply.

    • Liz Miller-Hall

      In addition, some of these parked cars have car park badges in their windows with the company names which are on the business park.

  • Liz Miller-Hall

    Please advise as to what can be done and to whom we should raise the issue of broadband speeds on Coopers Edge?
    After reading the Fastershire statement, it reads that we are not on the roll out for 2018.
    One cannot register for it as according to the Fastershire website search, we are in a super fast area, which with a broadband speed of less than 1Mb download, is completely untrue.

  • T Devonport

    I am seeking increased road safety measures in the Cranham gate estate. Specifically with regards the Folland road entrance, Bird road exit and all mini roundabouts.
    The double yellow lines do not extend towards the large roundabout sufficiently on Folland avenue, and often as a result of irresponsible parking, drivers entering the estate must enter the roundabout on the wrong side of the road – there will be accidents.

    The double yellow lines do not extend into the estate far enough on Bird road where it meets with Hucclecote road. On a morning school and work commuters leaving the estate face head on business park parkers entering the estate often at speed. There is room for one car, at a push two small cars to wait at the end of Folland road to enter Hucclecote road. Any more, and cars must hang back behind business park cars already parked up for the day – there will be accidents.

    Finally, and the key reason for this post, following regular incidents where mini roundabouts are not treated as such, I had a bit of a ‘discussion’ with an adult male diver yesterday evening. At the mini roundabout at the end of Waterton close the number of times residents have had to break hard because traffic coming from the left drives straight on, even if we are already on the (small) roundabout. Last night a driver (seemingly non-resident and lost) was turning into Waterton close cut me up and then swore at me aggressively. What’s the rule of a roundabout I said… it’s not a roundabout he said, it’s a traffic calming measure! What shape is it I asked?

    Here’s the rule… Mini roundabout priority

    The two following rules of the Highway Code apply:
    Rule 185
    When reaching the roundabout you should give priority to traffic approaching from your right, unless directed otherwise by signs, road markings or traffic lights
    Rule 188
    Mini-roundabouts. Approach these in the same way as normal roundabouts. All vehicles MUST pass round the central markings except large vehicles which are physically incapable of doing so. Remember, there is less space to manoeuvre and less time to signal. Avoid making U-turns at mini-roundabouts. Beware of others doing this.

    Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10(1) & 16(1)

    It seems he is not alone in seeing the mini roundabouts as traffic calming measures as this happens most days. Can give way signs or lines be installed, as residents we are increasingly frustrated and importantly endangered by (commonly business park) traffic. Please can something be done in order to protect the safety of residents.

  • Dawn Ellis

    Hi Can you tell me how to get a stall on the summer fete pls

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