The Parish Council has a number of responsibilities, some of them advisory within the local government structure and some direct.


All planning applications are assessed by the parish council and its views are taken into account when Tewkesbury Borough Council, as the responsible planning authority, makes its decision.

Play Area

The Parish owns the play area and is responsible for the play equipment. The council must ensure that the equipment is regularly inspected. These inspections are documented and brought to the attention of the full council at its monthly meeting. The cost of any repairs and maintenance comes from the parish council’s budget.

Footpaths and Footways

The council makes regular inspections of the footpaths in the parish, and any problems are reported to County Council Highways Department or Tewkesbury Borough Council for further action.

Grants and Donations

The council has powers to give small grants and donations to such bodies as Citizens Advice, the annual Poppy Appeal or community groups. There are strict rules limiting the donations that can be made in each financial year.

Litter Bins

The Council has to fund public litter bins within the parish, although the cost of emptying these is met by the borough council. There are currently 9 litter bins within the parish.

Bus Shelters and Benches

The three bus shelters and seven benches within the parish are owned and maintained by the council.


The parish council is often asked for its views on a wide range of issues that are decided by other bodies. This could include, for example, public transport, regional planning or community safety.

Pineholt Village Hall

The hall is owned and run by the parish. The building also accommodates our parish office together with a hall, kitchen, small meeting room, storeroom, toilets and an upstairs meeting room. The hall and meeting room are available to hire. There is a car park for approximately 60 cars.