More vandalism at the skate and play park

We are sad to report that there has been more vandalism at the skate park, Coopers Edge.

This includes the wooden entrance bollard being snapped off, a basketball ring being bent and broken, evidence of graffiti and the protective fence fencing off previous vandalism being ripped down. 

We have informed the Building Consortium who currently maintain all the play parks in Coopers Edge and the response from their spokesperson is a little worrying. He states that the Consortium cannot continue to provide financial outlay to repair the damage and may consider closing the park if the current level of vandalism continues.

He does state that shortly CCTV cameras will be installed and that this may reduce incidences of damage. In addition he suggests that whilst there is no evidence that the damage is caused by people who live on Coopers Edge that some form of community group or school education announcements might help. This article is part of that strategy. 

The play manufacturer has confirmed that they will commence repairs tomorrow on the play area, which will include the basketball hoop, as this requires the snapped bolts to be replaced.

If you see anyone causing damage then please contact the police on 101 and also let the Parish Council know.

Please do NOT confront individuals as this may put you at risk


One thought on “More vandalism at the skate and play park

  1. This park has become a nightmare! I live nearby and will no longer take my children anywhere near it. Just take a walk around and look at the floor – there are small clear drugs packets everywhere, gas canisters, used condoms and pills – as well as enough litter to sink a battleship, usually next to an empty bin.
    Some of the recent mindless damage to the gate was clearly done with a large blade – these are not local ‘kids’ for sure. The youths ruining this park come from far and wide and I see plenty heading to and from the park through Abbeymead. They stock up on snacks at Abbeymead shops and head over there for a party because they know they can behave appallingly without anyone challenging their behaviour. They have to pass through several parks to get there which says plenty.
    Grip it or close it please.

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