The Road Safety Community Engagement Hub is the new one-stop-shop for communities who have a road safety concern in their locality.

The Hub isn’t a replacement for road safety, or any existing services, rather it is a enhancement that compliments everything that we do, and joins forces with colleagues in police and highways to provide the very best resolution or advice to the communities we serve. Please visit the website here to report your concerns.

You can also find further advice on road safety and how to keep your community safe here.


  1. Fairly recently yellow lines were painted around the Cranham Gate estate in Hucclecote after various complaints about parking and local consultation. The way in which these lines were painted is ludicrous. Parking at the top of Bird Road at the intersection with Hucclecote Road is dangerous. Down Folland Avenue byou the first roundabout they are painted so if people park there you cannot get to the roundabout without driving on the other side of the roundabout. At the intersection with Folland Avenue and Bird Road, the parking leaves the drivers blind to oncoming traffic. Having fought so hard to get the lines put in place to have it done in such a dangerous manner is frankly ridiculous. When challenged apparently we would have to have another consultation to resolve. Surely if bad work is done and is causing a danger it should be reviewed and fixed.

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