The parish council is keen to enhance the amenities in the area, especially alongside the Wotton Brook, where some wild flower beds and tree planting has already been undertaken.

We want local people to be able to enjoy the outlook over the Brook, so we plan to install two benches and a new picnic table along the footpath. The new street furniture will provide somewhere for residents to stop and rest. We expect the picnic table will be used by local residents, and perhaps by office workers from the business park. New litter bins will also be installed nearby. Click to view the location map here – New bench locations 0321

The benches will match the street furniture that has recently been installed near the new sports facilities. They are made of steel and they will be set on a concrete base to ensure no muddy puddles underneath.

At our last parish meeting some residents raised concerns that the new street furniture might attract potential anti-social behaviour. We have therefore taken advice from the local Police Community Support Officers (PCSO). They recommended that we go ahead with the plan to install the benches, and pointed out that it was their job to deal with any anti-social behaviour.

The PCSO’s did, however, suggest moving one of the benches so that it was closer to existing street lighting, and we have adjusted the proposed locations accordingly. The officers thought that the location of the picnic table was good.

The parish council has listened to local residents and taken expert advice, and now wants to press on with the installation of the benches. If residents have any further views they should email the parish clerk ( by 9 April.