Following the introduction of parking restrictions in January 2016, the parish council has received concerns from residents and non-residents regarding road safety on Bird Road and Folland Avenue.

In some locations on Bird Road, particularly around the mini roundabouts, the double yellow lines appear to stop short and at the junction with Hucclecote Road the parked vehicles cause a hazard to road users entering and exiting the estate.

The parish council has met with Gloucestershire Highways to discuss extending the double yellow lines and they have agreed to proceed with a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). Before proceeding with the required TRO we would welcome your comments on our proposals. The plans can be viewed below or at the parish council offices on Saturday 15th February, between 10 – 12pm.

Bird Road 1

Bird Road 2

Bird Road 3

Folland Avenue

Comments need to be received by 21st February 2020 and can be emailed to or call and speak to the Clerk on 01452 612485.

The TRO process can take up to 18 months and will involve further consultation with residents.


Hucclecote Parish Council

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  • Laurence Ashby

    My first question is why the lines were not correctly marked in the first place and why does it have to take another 18 Months to rectify ?
    It is good to see action is being taken however we all know what the cause of the parking is, which has never really been addressed or resolved.
    I been living here for the past 20 years and the parking is now steadily becoming worse .Its not only the fact that you cant park outside your own house with the parking in question but it also restricts family and friend visiting ,tradesman visiting ,refuge collection etc etc . You will no doubt have issues if you have to sell your property at probably a reduced value!
    It is totally unacceptable to use our estate as a company car park and the companies in question should be held to account .

  • Ajit Ambekar

    Further to my request about a year ago, most sincere thanks for the proposed safety improvement – particularly at the Bird Rd – Hucclecote Rd. junction.
    I would also like to recommend the double yellow lines extended between Pinhole Gate and Varley Avenue mini-roundabouts as this stretch has since become a veritable commercial van park rather than a curved and narrow residential street.
    I am surprised to note that this urgent road-safety measure might take yet another 18 months to implement. Kind Regards.

  • Goldie

    Just get the yellow lines done! What happened to adhering to the Highway Code?

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