BT’s Community Fibre Partnership Team have advised us that Cabinet 42 is going to upgraded to fibre as part of their commercial deployment with an expected go live date of the end of June 2018.

If you are one of the 450 properties waiting for superfast broadband from another cabinet, that has already been fibre-enabled, you shouldn’t have to wait for more than one or two months. If it is taking longer than this it suggests that BT/Openreach has been dragging its heels. It ought to be fairly simple for BT to upgrade a fibre-enabled cabinet (it can add in extra hardware, or tack a smaller cabinet on alongside), and it shouldn’t, in theory, take BT long to do this.

Please therefore let us know how long you have been waiting. If you have been in limbo for more than two months please email us with your name, address, how long you have been waiting and who you have been in contact with. We will then collate these responses and submit a formal complaint to BT’s High Level Complaints Team.
Send your details to this email –