Local residents may be interested to know that Dowty Propellors plans to move from Mitchedean to the Gloucester Business Park. A recent planning application calls for a new manufacturing, warehouse and office building on the ten acre site known as ‘Plot 4100’. (The Direct Wines distribution centre lies to the south of the site, and Hurricane Road and the G-Tem manufacturing facility to the east).

The building is quite large – 180m by 81m wide and 15m high – and it includes three levels of offices at one end. In total the development will provide just over 17,000 sq m of space. At present there are plans for 253 staff car parking spaces.

The parish council understands that around 350 people are currently employed by Dowty Propellors.

Full details of the planning application are available here and local people have until 4 July to make their comments known.

Comments (5)

  • Mr Jacob Meachen

    It seems obvious that there is not enough parking provided for the 350 people employed.
    How is this going to be managed by the the employer and by the business park?

  • F Brindle

    Jobs news is obviously great and in keeping with the Engineering/ Technical side of businesses in this area.
    However the thought of yet more traffic / pollution in this very congested area is not good.
    Maybe flexi hours should be considered as many large companies now offer this to alleviate the situation for local people and should possibly be a consideration / requirement before actual opening?

  • Dolores Bhurruth

    Will this further effect the parking issues currently being experienced by locals in Bird Rd trying to access the main road amid Business Park vehicles blocking exit and ingress.

  • Goldie

    I am completely fed up with the workers from the Gloucester Business Park Park blocking the roads and driveways around the area – perhaps the greedy developers would very kindly provide a substantial car park on the spare ground for the extra workers needing somewhere to park!! A nominal parking fee would be acceptable!! We do not want workers parking on residential sites, blocking people’s driveways and roads, which is just not acceptable!!

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