Following many concerns expressed by residents of Coopers Edge about the dangers posed by traffic on Lobleys Drive, the parish council commissioned a survey from the county council to evaluate the volume of traffic and the speed of vehicles, together with an assessment of the number of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road.

The traffic survey was conducted over a number of days in mid-June 2018, taking into account traffic flow in both directions, from two sites on Lobleys Drive.

The key outcomes of the survey activities are:
• The mean speed of 10,200 vehicles was 23mph from one site, and 24mph for 12,400 vehicles from the other site.
• 326 pedestrians and cyclists crossed the road during the daytime survey.

The current view from the County Highways Department following the survey is that additional measures to slow the traffic flow and create improved crossing points on Lobleys Drive are not warranted at this moment in time.

However, parish councillors have highlighted further developments both on the Business Park/Coopers Edge and in nearby areas, which are certain to increase traffic flows. The council have therefore asked the Highways Department to undertake a formal “Priority Assessment” as soon as possible to ensure that all such factors are fully considered.

In addition we would request that parishioners ensure that all accidents and collisions are reported to the police and any related traffic safety issues to Gloucestershire Highways (08000 514514 or email as these are particularly important when decisions are made about future traffic management and safety controls. The Police will continue to do regular speed checks along Lobleys Drive.

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