Next week (14-20 Oct) is National Hate Crime awareness Week .

Hate Incidents and crimes are instances of targeted victimisation or harm directed towards people because of who they are, an aspect of their identity (Disability / Race / Religion or Belief / Sexual Orientation / Trans Identity / Age / Gender etc).

There will be a police engagement vehicle and an information stand set up at the following locations in Tewkesbury Borough during the awareness week to make the public more aware of what Hate Crime is and how we can tackle it

• Tewkesbury Borough Council Reception 10am – 4pm on Monday 16 Oct 2017
• Bishops Cleeve Tesco Store 10am – 4pm on Thursday 19 Oct 2017

Hate Incidents can either be reported directly to the police or through Victim Support (anonymously if preferred) on 00800 077 8460, or online Reporting helps prevent similar harm to others; incidents escalating to crimes; enables us to gather information about an otherwise invisible problem, Provides evidence that can be used to develop prevention strategies and opens up options for accessing support and help if needed.

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