The garden waste collection service has been suspended and will not run for at least 2 weeks. A number of drivers and collection staff are unable to work due to Covid–19 which has meant the remaining workforce are focussing on the main waste services.

Update 14/04/20 – Tewkesbury Borough Council will continue the suspension of its garden waste collection service for at least another two weeks.

The decision follows a review of how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting waste and recycling collection services across the borough.

The council’s waste and recycling contractors, Ubico, will continue to focus its efforts on completing statutory collections (i.e. refuse, food waste, recycling and litter bins), and is continuing to suspend non-essential collections to allow for drivers and crews taking time off to self-isolate if needed.
Here are some helpful tips to help manage garden waste until the service resumes:

· Don’t light bonfires. Many people – especially those with Covid-19 symptoms, underlying health conditions or respiratory illnesses – are having to self-isolate and could be seriously affected by the smoke.
· Prop your brown bin lid open slightly and keep it in the shade to reduce odour.
· Dry out any new garden waste (grass clippings, for example) and store in a heap or in a bag until services are up and running again.
· Consider home composting – this is one of the most effective ways to minimise the amount of waste going to landfill and it will also act as a great fertiliser for your plants next year.

The council will review the price for the garden waste service for next year’s subscriptions, based on the length of the current suspension, to ensure that customers don’t lose out.”

Tewkesbury Borough Council