We have received the following notification from Barclays Bank regarding the Hucclecote Branch:

On 23 June 2017, we will be closing our branch in Hucclecote.  Our records show a low and falling level of transactions at the branch with a 8% drop in the last year alone.  On average more than 58% of our customers are already using other branches, and this figure is even higher for our business customers. 

This closure means our nearest branch will be at Southgate Street, Gloucester. Everyday transactions, typically carried out over branch counters (including paying in a cheque or depositing cash), can also be completed at the Post Office located at  Silverdale Parade, Hillview Road, Hucclecote GL3 3LA.

In terms of what the change means in practical terms, customers that currently use the branch will not need to take any action as all account details, sort code, account number, direct debits will remain the same. If a customer is registered for Barclays Mobile Banking, Online Banking and Telephone Banking they are also exactly the same, and customers can carry on using existing cards, PIN and chequebooks as normal.

Letters to customers regarding this matter will be arriving with customers from Friday 17th March 2017

Community Banking Director
Gloucester, Worcester & The Valleys


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Comments (5)

  • Mrs Very Angree

    Shame on you Barclays, you say the customer base has reduced, well I’m sorry I don’t accept that this branch is not a very important facility to the community. Having to travel into the city to a branch that has faceless machines to do our bidding with no personal interaction is disgraceful.

  • Mr. Deane Roberts

    I have been a loyal supporting customer of Barclays Bank ( nee Martins Bank ), since, as a 12 year old in 1959, more recently for 49 years in Hucclecote, at a friendly , attentive staff.. Whenever I visit, there is always a await so I do not believe your survey staff when they basically say that it is not busy !!!!!!!!!!! Please re-consider and re-assess”” Mr Deane Roberts

  • A cross customer !!

    So cross every time i go into the branch i have to que !! I will not be going into town so think i will transfer to Lloyds brockworth now.

  • Very annoyed NEW Business Customer !!!

    I’ve never heard such rubbish, the bank is constantly used from opening to closing, people cueing on a morning to get in and virtually full with customers waiting to be served all day. More staff would be more sensible to serve the cueing customers rather than closing the branch !!!
    I think the truth is Barclays are just saving money to line the pockets of the over paid top knobs who run the company !!!
    Shame on you Barclays

  • Hucclecote Resident

    This is disgusting!
    I transferred to Barclays Hucclecote when the Natwest branch closed down. How dissapointed to see this is happening. Hang your heads in shame Barclays. Not thinking about your customers at all.

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