After lots of lobbying from local residents and the parish council we are pleased to hear that BT Openreach has agreed to ‘fibre enable’ Cabinet 42 by the end of September. This should result in a much better service for hundreds of local people.

The upgrade had been promised once before, but Openreach back-tracked. Now, thanks in part to the parish council’s overtures to the Chief Executive of BT, our local MP and other key influencers we are back on track.

We recognise there are still parts of our patch where broadband capacity is poor and we will continue to press to get further cabinets fibre enabled.

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  • Chad Clifton

    Amazing news! Will they be laying FTTP for those of us on Cottonwood Grove? Half the road has FTTP and the other half have 4mb connections at current. The infrastructure is there, it just needs the fibre running though.

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